Crewel Work Beauty

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This wonderful early 20th Century Crewel Work Bedspread is soon to be auctioned at Bonhams.

Although this beautiful bedspread is not available for all of us to use in our homes or interior schemes we can happily use Fibre Naturelle Crewel, Collections 1 & 2.

Crewel Work is a style of free embroidery using wool; the origin of the word crewel is unknown but is thought to come from an ancient word describing the curl in the staple, the single hair of the wool.  The technique is thought to be at least a thousand years old.

Designs can range from the traditional to more contemporary patterns. Traditional design styles (or Jacobean embroidery) feature highly stylized floral and animal designs with flowing vines and leaves. Many different embroidery stitches are used in crewelwork which creates a textured and colorful effect: the crewel wool is  raised sufficiently  to give a  dimensional feel to the work.

Creating the beauty of the past with the current Fibre Naturelle Crewel is an opportunity for sumptuous curtains, bed throws and cushions that cannot be missed.